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About Dolceacqua

Dolceacqua is a typical medieval village of Nervia Valley, province of Imperia, placed along the river of the same name. The municipality encloses an intact medieval district of great charm (Téra) and a new part (Borgo). Dolceacqua was an ancient Doria Marquis and its oldest part is dominated over by the Doria's castle, standing on a rock overlooking the magnificent humpback bridge crossing Nervia river that was painting and called by Claude Monet “Jewel of Lightness". Dolceacqua is famous for the production of the wine Rossese Dolceacqua DOC and excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Dolceacqua is proactively engaged in activities and awareness campaigns in the field of energy efficiency and saving like promotion of renewable energies and of waste separation, collaboration with Escos for reducing emissions, realizing a PV plant for the school and replacing an oil fired boiler with a pellet one, allocation of 200 PV panels on public light bodies with energy saving of 200,000 kWh/year (Beghelli project ) and opening of a public fountain for low cost distribution of natural/sparkling water reducing the use of plastic containers. Dolceacqua is certified by UNI EN ISO 14001 and is the first Italian City honoured with the Orange Flag (tourism environment mark for hinterland).

Dolceacqua joined Medeea hoping to gain experience from project partners and willing to establish a proactive partnership with ARE Liguria with the aim of raising contacts and funds in the framework of European project. Dolceacqua is currently pursuing the completion of the eea® audit tool with enthusiasm and is willing to join the CoM soon.


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New IEE Magazine (March 2012) has been issued!

This bi-annual magazine brings you all the news on the IEE programme. Published by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI), it contains information on the programme, views from the EACI and project managers on the ground. The magazine is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish and each edition is published online and available for download here