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Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency

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The Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA) is Malta's first energy agency, set up in June 2007, with the support of the IEE Programme and a wide array of public institutions including the Ministry for Tourism & Culture, the Ministry for Rural Affairs & the Environment, the Parliamentary Secretariat for Small Business and the Self Employed in the Ministry for Competitiveness and Communications, Local Councils, the Malta Resources Authority and the University of Malta.

Its aims are in line with those of other IEE supported Energy Agencies and it aims to be a protagonist of the European effort towards a more intelligent use of energy resources; promoting awareness and contributing to define incisive and targeted proposals and policies of intervention, in order to optimize the use of conventional energy resources and to develop renewable sources.

The Agency’s activities are initially focused on local needs, such as the energy practices of the tourism industry. MIEMA’s activities include energy planning, green certificates, energy certification of buildings, energy saving on public lighting and dissemination of information about renewable energy sources.

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The MEDEEA project was presented at the IEE National Info Day in Malta, on the 2nd of March, at Valletta. The event targeted representatives from the public sector, national authorities, private companies, NGOs, local councils, business associations and consultancies interested in the energy sector.