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Cyprus Energy Agency

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The Cyprus Energy Agency is a non-profit organization that was established in 2009 with co-funding by the European Commission under the Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme and the Cyprus Union of Communities.

The scope of the Agency is to promote renewables, energy efficiency and sustainable transport. Besides the other activities of the Agency e.g. provision of technical services and to support the implementation of European policies at national level its main activities focus on the training of scientists, engineers, professionals, individuals and other groups.

Furthermore, the Cyprus Energy Agency was appointed to be the executive agency for the promotion of the Covenant of Mayors in Cyprus. CEA has already prepared and submitted the SEAP for 3 municipalities signed the Covenant of Mayors in Cyprus and cooperates for the preparation of the SEAPs for the other 4 municipalities signed the Covenant of mayors in Cyprus (meaning that CEA cooperates with all municipalities that signed the Covenant).


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Presentation of MEDEEA Project at IEE National Info Day in Malta

The MEDEEA project was presented at the IEE National Info Day in Malta, on the 2nd of March, at Valletta. The event targeted representatives from the public sector, national authorities, private companies, NGOs, local councils, business associations and consultancies interested in the energy sector.  Representatives from various national authorities attended this event, in particular from the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, the Malta EU Steering and Action Committee as well as from banks and private institutions. From this event the public had the opportunity to learn about procedures for applying for new projects related to energy efficiency and how to get funding for the implementation of these projects.