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Mediterranean Implementation of the European Energy  Award

The “European Energy Award – eea®” rewards cities and towns with a label for outstanding efforts in the governance of energy related fields (especially energy efficiency). EEA®” rewards municipal integrated energy planning & activities with the aim to reach and go beyond the “20-20-20” EU energy objectives in the Mediterranean regions.

One of the main weaknesses of the Med area is that its regions have an energy efficiency level that is lower than the EU average. The aim of this project is to promote energy planning to increase the efficiency. This will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases which are very harmful to the environment and the costs related to energy. The Med region has a high potential with regards to renewable energy, such a solar energy.

Currently, more than 750 communities in 10 EU countries are successfully applying the eea®. However in the Mediterranean very few regions have implemented it so far. Mediterranean municipalities need to increase their knowhow on energy in general and to take advantage of the great Mediterranean unexploited potential for renewable energy sources and energy savings. The eea® label allows for taking into consideration not only energy issues in themselves but also their implications in any administrative procedure, internal organisation, but, most of all, planning and participation of citizens.

The general objective of the project is to achieve “20-20-20” European energy targets in Med regions, through an improvement of the local governance of energy issues. Specific objectives are:

-  improve communication of energy policies at municipal levels (eg. CoM as major DG TREN's tool for reaching higher energy objectives) 

-              beyond 20% of emissions reductions by 2020) by involving more stakeholders: this will lead to capacity building and increased general culture on energy  

-               overcome the barriers that prevent municipal take up of efficient energy planning: this will lead to more energy plans and a more spread uptake of renewable energy plants and energy saving initiatives.

-               promote cooperation among MED municipalities and regions on energy: this will lead to mutual learning and a better knowledge of MED general energy features, data, needs.

-               feedback findings to all policy levels, in order to feed in mainstream policies and report back to the EU. 

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Presentation of MEDEEA Project at IEE National Info Day in Malta

The MEDEEA project was presented at the IEE National Info Day in Malta, on the 2nd of March, at Valletta. The event targeted representatives from the public sector, national authorities, private companies, NGOs, local councils, business associations and consultancies interested in the energy sector.  Representatives from various national authorities attended this event, in particular from the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, the Malta EU Steering and Action Committee as well as from banks and private institutions. From this event the public had the opportunity to learn about procedures for applying for new projects related to energy efficiency and how to get funding for the implementation of these projects.