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Ligurian eea ® mentor municipalities meet their mentee municipalities from MED countries

Murcian and Slovenian municipalities that have just entered the eea® process in the framework of MEDEEA met and exchanged experience with their Ligurian mentors. The eea® Ligurian municipalities of Albenga and Celle Ligure hosted in July the mayors from the Spanish municipalities of  Archena (18.000 inhab.), Puerto Lumbreras (12.964 inhab.), Torrepacheco (32.000 inhab.) and Yecla (34.161 inhab.) accompanied by the member of the Spanish parliament Mr Teodoro Garcia. “Energy experts” from 4 Slovenian municipalities – Hodoŝ (360.000 inhab.), Markovci (3.800 inhab.), Ptuj (24.500 inhab.) and Nazarje (2.700 inhab.) visited in July their mentor Ligurian municipalities of Ne and Varese Ligure.

The mayor and vice-mayor of the eea mentor municipality of Toirano, in Liguria, on 14th September 2012 visited Algarve where they met their mentee municipalities.

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Energy Day in Murcia

On the 22nd June 2012, CETEMMA and ARGEM organised in the context of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, an Energy Day aimed to encourage Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) as a base for energy efficiency and use of renewable energy “Las ESCOs como base de una Gestión Energética Eficiente”.    

Calibration of the eea ® to the MED area

The take up of the eea ® is getting momentum, event in southern Europe. The MEDEEA project is focused on the adaptation and implementation of “European Energy Award” throughout the Mediterranean regions.

Currently, the project partners have completed the transfer of the methodology eea ® taking into account the specificities of each region/country involved in the project. Within Mediterranean regions/countries differences have been identified and as a result a workshop was carried out on 18th April in Jaen, Spain, aiming at the comparison of the main aspects of eea® adaptation.

Prior the workshop, 21 measures selected from the eea® catalogue and analysed based on the evaluation criteria of each trained advisor from each partner by using the National Assessment Guidance. A comparison table between the Italian, Cypriot, Spanish, Maltese, Greek and Portuguese assessment guidance was created.

The outputs of the analysis and the discussion during the workshop were that, the majority of the assessment tools are 70-80% similar. Few differences appeared and reflect the actual situation of each Country on Energy, Water, Waste and Supply, Disposal issues. The most common Identified differences are Legislative issues, the authorization procedures and the capacities of the Municipalities to implement measures.


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The list of involved municipalities is now available in the “municipalities” section.



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The MEDEEA project was presented at the IEE National Info Day in Malta, on the 2nd of March, at Valletta. The event targeted representatives from the public sector, national authorities, private companies, NGOs, local councils, business associations and consultancies interested in the energy sector.