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Energy Database for Municipalities

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Energy Database for MEDEEA municipalities is online. Click here to reach it.
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Mediterranean Energy Cities

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MEDEEA International Conference

15 - 16 May 2013, Lefkosia, Cyprus

Mediterranean Energy Cities 


70% of the European population lives in urban areas and therefore cities consume 70% of energy in the EU and this accounts 75% of greenhouse gas emissions. Thus cities hold an essential key to reduce emissions. Many of them in Europe are leaders in environmental performance, but they still have a long way to go in the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. Local energy planning becomes a key issue in the achievement of 20-20-20 objectives. Tools such as the "European Energy Award - eea®" and the Covenant of Mayors  can be used to that end in Mediterranean cities. 

The Event: 

The dissemination of local energy planning in Mediterranean regions through standard methodologies was the aim of the MED project "medeea" which, with this international conference, aims to disseminate the final results and important outcomes. This is a two day event. For more information see the programme of the conference.

Why should you participate:

Don't miss this opportunity to participate in the International Conference on "Mediterranean Energy Cities" and join your forces against climate change. This is a very important event where politicians, experts, professionals, policy makers, EU officials and other key groups, share experiences and prove that can work together towards sustainable energy future for 2020 and beyond. The participation in the event is free of charge.

Who should attend:

Local authorities representatives

Decision makers, policy developers, interested in exchanging ideas 

Representatives of European and international organizations willing to share relevant experiences

Experts and professionals 

Individuals who wish to be informed about recent developments


The eea® award ceremony on the 15th May 2013 will take place in Strovolos Municipal Theatre and the medeea final Conference on the 16th May 2013 in the Cyprus Conference Centre “Filoxenia”. Very interesting site visits are organised for the 15th May 2013.


You can register on line


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Good Practice Catalogue Now Online

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Online the catalogue of more than 30 energy best practices by MEDEEA municipalities! Click here to reach it.
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Last Steering Committee Meeting - Cosenza

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The 8th Steering Committee meeting of MEDEEA took place in Cosenza, hosted by ALESSCO, on days 6-7th February 2013. 
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Genoa - 29th November

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During the international forum on intelligent energy and sustainable development "Green City Energy On the Sea" the municipalities of Dolceacqua, Mendatica, Neirone and Noli were celebrated for their achievements in sustainable energy policies and for having being awarded the European Energy Award® . At the event Medeea project and awarded municipalities were presented afore the European commission - DG Energy and the Italian Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Economic Development.


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Presentation of MEDEEA Project at IEE National Info Day in Malta

The MEDEEA project was presented at the IEE National Info Day in Malta, on the 2nd of March, at Valletta. The event targeted representatives from the public sector, national authorities, private companies, NGOs, local councils, business associations and consultancies interested in the energy sector.  Representatives from various national authorities attended this event, in particular from the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, the Malta EU Steering and Action Committee as well as from banks and private institutions. From this event the public had the opportunity to learn about procedures for applying for new projects related to energy efficiency and how to get funding for the implementation of these projects.