Project period

2010-06-01 to 2012-11-31


The CreaMED Alliance encourages mutual policy learning, synergies and cooperation in order to constitute a framework for developing Regional Innovation Policies in the MED Area

  1. Andalucían Institute of Technology- Spain
  2. Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) / Greece
  3. General Direction of Research, Technology and Enterprise / Spain
  4. Temi Zammit Foundation / Malta
  5. Portuguese Association for Innovation & Creativity Management in organizations /Portugal
  6. Regional Developmnt Agency Mura (RDA Mura) / Slovenia
  7. ASCAMM Technology Centre / Spain
  8. Provincial Agency for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (APEA SIENA) / Italy
  9. Agios Athanasios Municipality / Cyprus
  10. Mediterranean Technologies / France
  11. Abruzzo Region / Italy




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Short project description

The CreaMED Alliance is an initiative aimed at fostering Creativity and Innovation between MED Regions at both public and private level, as a route to a regional sustainable development by encouraging mutual policy learning, synergies and cooperation in order to provide a framework for developing Regional Innovation Policies within the Mediterranean Area.



The project’s strategic goal is to align public Innovation Policies in the MED area in order to ensure their implementation is performed in accordance with EU priorities. The actions foreseen to be implemented are expected to boost the Mediterranean Industry and contribute to the consolidation of the European Knowledge Economy. To this end, a sound Alliance of key Mediterranean actors in the field of Innovation promotion has been brought together for transferring knowledge and methodologies about Creativity & Innovation among public and private bodies.


Key objectives

The creation of a sound alliance through the MED space gathering the key actors in the field of Innovation, which promotes economic growth on the basis on Creativity and Innovation;

The creation of a nurturing environment for Creativity & Innovation, counting on the main public and private actors within the MED Innovation System and promoting a proactive attitude from policy makers and entrepreneurs before Innovation;

The reinforcement of the MED business innovation (and thus competitive) potential, contributing to the growth, prosperity, and sustainability of the regions, leading MED SMEs at the forefront of EU in terms of competitiveness;

The transference of knowledge and methodologies about Creativity and Innovation among public and private bodies.

Main activities and local pilot action:

  • Identification of MED regional policies based on Creativity and Innovation;
  • Set of Recommendations and Improvement Measures;
  • CreaSeminar;
  • International Conference in Faro, Portugal;
  • CreaMED Open Book (under development);
  • Implementation of Pilot Experiences

Main results

Regional Analysis of Innovation Systems within the Mediterranean regions involved and Set of Recommendations and Improvement Measures for Policy Makers

Workshops with Policy Makers in all partners regions aimed at transferring and exchanging knowledge among public entities devoted to the promotion of Creativity and Innovation to the Mediterranean SMEs. They are considered an excellent frame to commit regional stakeholders to work on their Regional Innovation System

CreaMED Open Book including the main conclusions, observations and lessons learnt during the workshops

100 SMEs Pilot Experiences (10 per region involved) with the objective to:

help SMEs learn about the most relevant creativity techniques to be used inside their companies;

help SMEs integrate Creativity and Innovation in their management systems, by developing appropriate structures;

train “creative leaders” who will introduce and implement these innovation procedures in their companies

An International Conference on Creativity & Innovation aimed at presenting the results achieved in the frame of the project and offering room for discussion among public authorities, policy makers, experts on creativity, innovation centres and SMEs on the issues of Creativity and Innovation.



Past local event

The CreaMED Seminar in Malta

Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit organized the CreaMED Seminar – Synergy: Igniting the Mediterranean Innovation Society, on 24th May 2011. The event was part of an initiative aiming to foster creativity and innovation within the Mediterranean area as key elements for Regional Sustainable Development: CreaMED Alliance. The seminar aimed to:

  • transfer and exchange knowledge among public private bodies, SMEs and various stakeholders devoted to the promotion of creativity and innovation;
  • urge and commit regional stakeholders to generate new ideas and common solutions for improving and consolidating the development of the regional Innovation Systems;
  • gather main conclusions, interventions and lessons learnt in order to publish the CreaMED Open Book. It is foreseen that CreaMED Open Book will be used as a dissemination tool.


CreaWorkshops in Malta

FTZ organized a Creative workshop for SMEs on the 10th July 2012. The workshop was aimed to showcase creativity tools as means to promote and improve innovation. The techniques were embedded in businesses activities and training future creative leaders who will introduce innovation mechanisms in companies. One of the approaches which was applied during the workshop was based on the Diverge/Converge method (DC method) and precipitated extremely diverse thinking and also served to propel imagination.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Sandra Dingli, Director and Senior Lecturer at the Edward de Bono Institute for Creative Thinking, University of Malta. Various C&I ‘’tips’’ were introduced to the invited SMEs. The goal of this exercise was to ‘’train the trainer’’ so that the participating company representatives (ideally from HR and/or R&D departments) can later on apply these techniques in their company structures. The findings and results of this workshop will are being  collated in a Pilot study to be disseminated at local and international levels.