Future of Our Past

Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit is a partner in the project Future of Our Past, which was presented under the Enpi CBCMed programme. The project aims to promote an alternative model of tourism development in the historic centres of the Mediterranean Sea region based on the involvement of local communities, the respect for the identity values of place, and the reduction of the environmental impact of tourism.

The project consortium is made up of 10 partners from 7 countries located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, namely Italy, Egypt, Malta, Palestinian Authority, Spain, Tunisia and Lebanon.

The project partners will realise, in collaboration with local actors, a  Tourism Marketing Plan to promote the development of a sustainable
attractiveness, able to preserve the authenticity of each site, to preserve their environmental, natural and cultural balance, and favoring in the meantime the participation and involvement of local community through  the development of an endogenous entrepreneurship and the adoption of a model of enlarged governance for all local actors. This Plan will build on the result of the single Tourism Marketing Plans developed in WP4 for each HC and it will contain general guidelines for a sustainable destination management of Euro-Mediterranean historical centres and some specific case studies (previous local Tourist Marketing Plans elaborated in WP4).

The Plan will elaborate some general policy guidelines for developing sustainable tourism for HCs.