Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit is one of the partners of Heland project. The foundation together with the rest of the partners aims at encouraging concerned bodies to exploit the Mediterranean common space in a sustainable manner, using innovative technologies that could reinforce the practice of a sustainable tourism.
The Project can generate employment and income, while having a low impact on environment and local cultures.

The Project is focused on a typically Mediterranean subject, i.e. Tourism, and it strives to establish a common approach for sustainable tourism throughthe application of cutting-edge technologies in heritage and landscape protection.
Setting up a cross-border network of universities, research centres, professionals, SMEs and regional institutions, the project will be able to revitalise a mature industry, where innovations are met with resistance and scepticism.

In particular, FTZ is focusing on the village of Xghara, Gozo. FTZ together with the Xghara Local Council and other interested parties will be improving sustainable tourism in the area by:

  • Creating an archaeology Trail (together with ECO Gozo to create a PREHISTORY HERITAGE TRAIL)
  • Improving rural, eco and agro-tourism
  • Recovering the Historical/Imaginary aspect


Applying IT solutions to the pilot area through:

  • Virtual Reality Reproduction
  • 3D Laser Scanner
  • Apps for Mobile, PC