TRANSIT is a new project FTZ are participating in. The kick off meeting took place in Syros, Greece on the 14th May 2009. The project aims at developing an integrated Network by building a transnational partnership covering a variety of bodies dealing with transport, either scientific or public, coming from 5 Med countries, Greece, Malta, Spain, Italy and Slovenia, facing common accessibility and connection challenges.

The initiative stemmed from partners’ common past experience and the perceived need of exploiting innovative ICTs in logistic inter/multimodal transport. The main idea is based on the development of an innovative e-platform to be used as a basic tool that will monitor and manage transport flows, providing all the necessary data from/to transport operators (sea, road and rail) and pilot experimentations within involved partners. The proposed platform will be structured on the cargo operators’ current needs and requirements that will result after the implementation of the state analysis, in order to satisfy at the highest possible degree the specificities of the different transport modes and also provide direct and cost-free interface capabilities between transport operators. The developed e-platform will provide a stream of information to all participating parties, offering also the potential to include in the future any possible end-user, in order to promote intermodality and enhance urban development and accessibility. The information provided will enable freight transportation companies to dynamically select the most suitable modes for consignment and, as a result to optimal assign their freight to the most applicable way, utilizing efficiently the available transport resources and infrastructures and potentially minimize the environmental effects.

Ultimately, the project aims at initiating and consolidating the idea of freight integrator, the use of applied e-freight for the MED area and supporting better accessibility and territorial cohesion between centres and regions, by developing integrated and multimodal transportation systems, and disseminating its results to national and interregional transport strategies. Project emphasizes in effective dissemination and capitalisation of its results, by organising local events as well as an international conference in order to enable and give inputs to public dialogue and raising awareness amongst policy makers and sectoral actors. TRANSit will capitalise its interregional and multi-institutional dimension, ensuring the definition of integrated strategies to support sustainable development.